Design January 2020

by 12publishers

New Parenthesis Research Logo

2020 seems like a good year to advance plans and ideas.  So it is for Parenthesis Research.  In developing this new logo it was important to find a suitable image that would unite the various threads that make up the back story of setting up the company and its new mission.


Parenthesis Research‘s emergent mission is to provide innovation for companies at all levels of business.   With a background in design and business the company is the next step evolution from the early business iteration; Synthetic Reality.  The choice of name was pertinent to this mission.  Picking the singular form of  parenthesis “(” was deliberate as it denotes an open ended framing of the areas of research that the company is committed to undertaking.  Without boundaries the future remains open.  As an “umbrella” type organisation under which different research types might be sheltered also reinforces the use of the “(” symbol (even if in a 90 degree orientation.


Parenthesis Stamp_080120sm © Parenthesis Research / Synthetic Reality 2020

The chosen image emerged from a sketch exercise attempting to unify the disparate but simultaneous images of Tree, Umbrella, Infinity while evoking a crafted or hand worked element.

This is united to the brand name and includes a subtle hint to origins in Synthetic Reality, with the capitalisation of the last letter.

Parenthesis logo_080120 copy

© Parenthesis Research / Synthetic Reality 2020

As we progress through 2020 more details will  emerge from the mission and current and planned projects.

NB 09 01 2020